Why I started this blog

Maybe you can relate to my story. I’m in my early 40’s and I’ve always been on a diet of some sort and struggled with my weight despite having a healthy diet and exercising at least 3-5-days, sometimes 7 days a week.

I’m just under 5’10 and have weighed as low as 68kg and as high as 89kg. I did a PT course because I thought since I live in a body I should learn how to look after it but over the last few years it didn’t matter how “clean” I ate or how much I trained, my weight just kept crawling up and this year, adamant that I was going to lose weight I went from 84 to 89kg… How was this possible??

In 2011 I finally got to my goal weight of 68kg and felt fantastic but then over the last 5-years my weight has crept up and I don’t believe that my food or exercise changed enough for this kind of gain. I thought maybe it was the Bali Belly I got that year, and then I was told I was fructose & gluten intolerant, and then I thought it was too much stress in my life so I quit my job and made the necessary lifestyle changes but nothing worked.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to LCHF – Low Carb High Fat diet. Could this be the piece that was missing? I dived into the research and it all just made sense to me. The high levels of fat were missing from my diet and these “clean carbs” like oats, chia seeds, sweet potato, berries, etc. were just too much sugar for my body.

I had a Genetic test in 2010 and it actually said that my body is carb sensitive and very efficient at metabolising fats but how I interpreted that information then is very different to today. Back then I still followed low carb, high protein diet and was scared of fat. Although I had some in my diet it wasn’t at the levels it should be. So even if I did lose weight I was hungry and obsessed by food constantly.

Today I stick to around 70% Fat, 20% Protein and 10% Carbs and feel great. But this is not a story of extreme weight loss. In the first 2 months I did lose weight but only a few kilos, although what I did notice is that I had shrunk because all the inflammation/puffiness/bloated feeling had gone and I was feeling fantastic.

The best thing I noticed is that I felt satisfied which meant that I was no longer obsessed by food. This was an interesting insight because I didn’t realise until it had gone away that I thought about FOOD ALL THE TIME!!! I no longer have cravings (mine was crisp chips!) – I just get hungry, I eat and then I’m full. And I eat a fraction of what I used to so I’m saving heaps on groceries.

To have not only a physical adjustment but a psychological one too is what’s empowered me to start this blog. I want to help people by leading them to all the information I’ve been through that helped me make this lifestyle change and share the recipes I love. I find this way of eating easy, prep is the key and that’s why I’m here to help.

Essentially it’s a hormonal problem and high levels of insulin causes fat gain and high levels of insulin are caused by eating too many carbs/sugar… it’s NOT about eating everything in moderation, calorie counting, intense exercise regimes or insane amounts of will power – it’s “what” you eat that determines your body’s ability to store fat.

For me I now know that high insulin equals high fat storage and it’s as simple as that. By keeping my insulin down, and getting the right amounts of fat in my diet, has turned my body into a fat burning machine.


All I’d say is review the scientific literature, watch the videos and make your own decision. I realised that my health is my responsibility, not my doctors personal opinion or an industry led by marketers telling me to eat breakfast because they want to sell their cereal. You’ve tried everything else and you know the results of that. Maybe this could be the missing piece for you too.

Everyone deserves to feel great and experience great health.