What happened when I had Bulletproof Coffee in the morning for 7-days

Anyone who’s in the world of Low Carb High Fat diets has heard of Bulletproof Coffee, and if you haven’t well welcome!

It’s designed to help you get more fat into your diet and when you see the ingredients you’ll understand why:

img_45831 cup Coffee

1 tbsp. Coconut Oil

1 tbsp. Butter

You really need to blend it well otherwise you’ll just be creating that science experiment where the oil and water separates.

I tried it once with my Bullet Blender and it created such a tight seal due to the heat that I couldn’t open it again. I let it cool down and still couldn’t open it, so I unfortunately had to throw it away – this was an expensive mistake you can now avoid!

I use a stick blender now and that works really well.

You also want to make sure you use the best butter and coconut oil so if you can use grass fed, organic butter and extra virgin, organic coconut oil.

In my research I observed that there are 2-camps out there – the ones that love it and the ones that don’t. It apparently works really well for some people and they feel great, whilst others have reported either weight gain or a slow down of their weight loss.

I usually practice the 16:8 Fast every morning. That’s when you Fast for 16 hours from your dinner and only have an 8-hour feeding window per day. I find this really easy to do because I’m usually not hungry in the morning and a bit of heavy cream in my coffee ties me over till lunch.

But if there’s something out there that can speed up my results and it only takes a slight tweak then I’m up for it!

So I decided for 7-days I would not fast and instead start my day with a Bulletproof Coffee and see what happens.

DAY 1:

Had it at 8.30 am and was SUPER FULL till lunch

DAY 2:

Had it at 9 am and started to feel hungry by 10.30am, held off till midday for lunch

DAY 3:

Had it at 8.30 am and was SUPER FULL and then got hungry at around 11am and ate lunch at noon

DAY 4:

Had it 9.30 am, had to eat lunch at midday because I was hungry

DAY 5:

Had it at 8.30 am and was STARVING ALL DAY!

DAY 6:

Woke up so hungry I decided to stop and do a 24 hour fast to rebalance my body

For me it was an interesting 5-days because I was surprised how hungry I was. As I mentioned I usually don’t get hungry in the mornings and to feel my tummy rumble first thing in the morning was very foreign.

I wouldn’t mind getting hungry if that somehow meant that my “metabolism was speeding up” and I was burning more fat but for me my weight actually went up about half a kilo.

Waking up and eating straight away at the start of the week when I wasn’t hungry seemed to have opened up my appetite triggering me for hunger more often. Yet when I eat my fat after my fast I’m full for 5-6 hours.

I’ve read a few articles around how the brain doesn’t really register the calories we consume when we drink them and that’s why people can drink all those teaspoons of sugar in soft drinks and not get full, but if they ate them they would.

I think I’m still in the middle of both camps and haven’t made a decision because I want to try it again but use it to break my 16:8 Fast and see what happens then.

I’d love to hear how Bulletproof Coffee works for you and if you have any tips.

UPDATE – June 20, 2017

So I’ve since given BPC another go with great success although I have tweaked it to more of a fat black.

They always say only eat when hungry in the world of keto/LCHF and in my last attempt I was definitely eating when I wasn’t hungry, which is bad! Especially if it’s drinking 320 unnecessary calories.

During my 10-month LCHF journey I’ve noticed my appetite decrease even more as I go so these days to keep me satiated I really only require either 1 tablespoon of heavy cream, or 5g of coconut oil, or 10g of butter to get through the morning to when I’m ready to break my fast which is a minimum of 16hrs a day.

Some days like today I had both coconut oil and butter because I was a bit hungrier than usual. The key is to listen to your body.

Listening to my body and making this tweak has made all the difference to my LCHF experience and results.

Just keep in mind if you are having a BPC – DO NOT HAVE IT IF YOU’RE NOT HUNGRY!