What an Extended Fast Feels Like – Day 2

What I noticed during my 50hr Fast:

  • I had 9hrs of uninterrupted sleep
  • Woke up with so much energy
  • I went for a 6km walk and felt great
  • I did get hungry but it came and went in waves
  • I thought about food a lot!
  • My last thought before sleeping was about having cream in my coffee
  • Woke up and felt full – didn’t add cream to coffee
  • I didn’t suffer from any headaches or usual side effects
  • I just felt great!

IMG_2559.jpgI started the fast because I was feeling flat, less energy and in one week I went up a kilo and this morning I lost that plus half a kilo more.

I got my best keto result to date! I usually sit at the 2nd pink one in the ketosis area and the darkest I’ve got in the past was the one up from that so I was delighted to achieve this.


Overall I found it to be a very rewarding experience and the benefits way out way the sensation of hunger which can be easily managed.

I gained everything I was hoping to:

  • Have my high energy levels back
  • Lost the weight I’d put on
  • Sleeping better
  • Sharp mind
  • Happy

What I learned from my 50hr Fast:

  • How little food I actually need
  • I feel better when I don’t overeat
  • I can still exercise in a fasted state
  • I increase my fat burning, energy and overall feeling of happiness

I’m now keen to see how my body responds in the days to come.

I highly recommend it!