Side Effects

You feel amazing in The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle. I know I’m sleeping better, I no longer suffer from foggy thinking, I have more energy, my moods are more consistent, I’ve been able to manage my anxiety and I just feel calm and happy.

BUT… sorry to tell you this but before you get there you may have to go through what’s commonly referred to as the Keto Flu!

People who start low carb diets can find themselves in a world of pain in the first week while their body is adjusting to not getting it’s little sugar/carb hit every few hours.

The top 7 common problems when starting are:

img_1810Induction Flu

Add more salt: I like to drink broth but you can also eat Himalayan salt or add some to water. You also need to eat more fat – make some Love Bombs as it makes it easy to get more good fats into your diet. It’s recommended that you drink up to 2-cups of broth a day anyway so don’t wait for symptoms to appear, get into the habit from day one.


Leg Cramps

Another symptom drinking stock will take care of. It’s really important that you do this because you’d be surprised how much salt was hidden in the prepared, packaged foods you use to eat and you now need to make a conscious effort to add it back in. Drink heaps of water and you may need some magnesium. I chose this Spray Magnesium because from the research I did magnesium is better absorbed through the skin. I just spray a few squirts under my feet before bed and it can be rubbed directly into any aches and pains.



Drink plenty of water and yes you guessed it STOCK! Choose fibre rich vegetables like cabbage and add Sunflower Kernels to your salads, etc as they’re low carb and high in fibre and fat – aim for about 30g a day min.

screen-shot-2016-11-20-at-4-46-56-pmI also use Heal Your Gut and Beta-Lax tea for relief. Beta-Lax tea has Senna in it which has a long history of medicinal use dating back to the times of the Arabian physicians in the ninth century. Today, we know Senna is one of the most effective laxatives available as it has been proven in numerous clinical trials and scientific studies.

Enjoy before bedtime and you will be good to go in the morning!




Bad Breath

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.49.48 pm.pngWhen you start on a low-carb diet and your body moves into ketosis you can suffer from dry mouth as you may have less saliva to wash away bacterial resulting in bad breath. This will usually pass although no one likes bad breath so make sure you drink enough fluids and get enough salt (STOCK!), maintain good oral hygiene, chew gum or carry mints (sugar free), use a breath freshener and wait for a week or two for it to pass. If it doesn’t you may need to reduce your ketones which means increasing your carbs to about 30-50g per day. This will slow down your results so you may want to add some intermittent fasting.



Heart Palpitations

You guessed it – drink enough fluids and make sure you’re getting enough salt (STOCK!)


Reduced Physical Performance

When you start a low-carb diet for the first time your physical performance can be severely reduced. There are two main reasons for this:

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.41.21 pm.png

  1. Lack of fluid and salts. You know it – make sure you’re getting enough water and salt (STOCK!) Drinking a large glass of water with 0.5 teaspoons of Himalayan salt 30–60 minutes before exercising should do the trick, and can make a huge difference in your performance.
  2. Adapting to burning fat takes weeks. This one’s not as quickly fixed. It takes weeks or a few months for the body to adapt from being a sugar burning machine over to a fat burning machine for energy. You can speed it up by exercising while on a low carb high fat diet as it helps burn the excess glucose your body has stored and is waiting to be used. Once gone your body will start to use fat for fuel.
Increasing Physical Performance on Low Carb

Following The low Carb High Fat Lifestyle or a “ketogenic” diet, will increase your physical performance and that’s why it has been used by the Special Forces, Hollywood celebs, leading obesity researchers and elite athletes to shred body fat as quickly as possible.

It’s even become famous in Hollywood, with the likes of Zac Efron, Tom Jones, Megan Fox and NBA star Lebron James using these techniques to quickly drop fat ready for a film or an event.

“While transitioning to a low carb, high fat (LCHF) diet often reduces early physical performance the long-term effect has many benefits. This is something that has only recently begun to be appreciated. In fact a lot of elite athletes are now experimenting with LCHF diets and in some cases they are now crushing the competition.

The benefits of LCHF diets in sports are mainly seen in long-distance running and other endurance events. The body’s fat stores are huge and dwarfs the minuscule glycogen stores. This means that once fat-adapted, an athlete can perform for long periods of time without needing much (if any) external energy. This frees the athlete from having to activate his or her gastrointestinal organs during activity – a large amount of blood flow can instead be directed to the muscles. This also minimises the risk of stomach problems during the activity.

Another benefit comes from the reduction of body fat usually seen on low carb. This reduction in body fat percentage and lightening of the body is a huge bonus for most sports.” sourced from The Diet Doctor


Reduced Alcohol Tolerance 

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 5.45.51 pm.png

Personally when I started The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle I completely lost my appetite for alcohol so I haven’t personally experienced this although many others have, including my Dad who did report that after only having 2-glasses of wine he was feeling like he would after a bottle.

The reason why this happens is still unclear although it could be that liver is busy producing ketones or glucose so it has less capacity to burn alcohol. Or maybe eating less sugar has made your liver less adapted to breaking down alcohol???

Whatever the reason be prepared because you could become a 1-pot screamer!



This video might also help you understand the kind of relationship your brain has had with sugar/carbs and why you might be struggling with starting The Low Carb High Fat Lifestyle


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